You to will discover the amazing benefits of Fire Shaper Hot Yoga (formerly: Bikram) yoga and fall in love with it.

Natalie Surie travelled to LA to undertake the 9 week teacher training course under the personal guidance of guru Bikram Choudhury. The course is designed by Bikram to create the best yoga teachers in the world with the highest standards.  Now, 14 years later the Bikram style has evolved into what you now know as Fire Shaper hot yoga.

Fire Shaper Salisbury (formerly: Bikram Yoga Brisbane Southside) is a realisation of the dream that many yoga practitioners have. It is a state of the art world class yoga facility where people can practice pure Bikram Yoga. As Bikram says ” we are not selling cheese cake” we are giving people a better life.

The structured classes are designed for maximum health benefits to all who practice. The classes are meant to be challenging with each student getting as much out of it as they are willing to put in. The heat provides a safe environment to stretch while also giving the body an incredible detox.

Our styles of hot yoga has been globally evolved and scientifically research by many universities and even the space agency NASA. These studies have proven the incredible health benefits that Fire Shaper (formerly: Bikram yoga Southside) provides. People can practice Fire Shapers Hot Yoga (evolved from: Bikram Yoga) in any of the studios worldwide.

This style of yoga is truly transformational giving the practitioner a better quality of life and happiness.
Expect an overall feeling of enhanced well-being,it is seriously addictive.
We look forward to meeting you at our next session.
Come and try it for yourself.